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    Update Flash player on Windows 8 via WSUS

    Jaysoul Level 1

      Hi all,


      I could do with clarification about updating Flash Player in IE10 on Windows 8. I understand that this is now donw via Windows Updates but...


      We are an institution with 4000 machines so in the past we have usually deployed the Flash player MSI's using SCCM.


      We use WSUS but we don't currently have WSUS integrated with SCCM. I'm unsure about whether it's possible to update Flash player via WSUS without any additonal 3rd party plugin for WSUS? Can you update flash player with WSUS alone?


      I have tried installing the latest MSI but the installs fails everytime with a 1722 error or if I run the EXE it fails telling me that windows updates is the way to do it so I guess using the installer is now not an option.


      So in summary - how can we update flash on 4000 machines with no WSUS add-on?




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          LawrenceGarvin Level 1

          Greetings Jay.


          The Flash contained within IE10 for Windows 8 is published by Microsoft and managed as a native WSUS update. To obtain that content, enable the Windws 8 product category, and the appropriate update classifications in WSUS. For an example of an update released last week, see KB2886439. These releases are documented in KB894199.


          For Flash updates for any other version of IE or Windows operating system for a standalone instance of WSUS, you would need to acquire either one of the two open-source toolsets for creating and publishing third-party content, or purchase one of the two commercial products that provide ready-to-use content.