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    Question about backgrounds...


      Does Adobe Premier provide the ability to photoshop a "background template" in my video footage?  Example: If I had a video of a dance party, could I photoshop a background image (or video) of an ocean?  In this example; I'd like to make it appear that the dancers were dancing on water!  There's a ton of software, out there, with this ability for photography/still pics (ie. dropping in backgrounds), but I haven't seen any VIDEO driven programs, for this purpose.

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          The easiest way to accomplish the background replacement is using a chroma key - shoot the dancers in front of a greenscreen or bluescreen. Lighting is critical to getting a good key, and the camera quality and recording codec play a part as well. 4:2:2 codecs will key better than 4:2:0 and a higher bitrate helps also. Using keyer effect in Premiere, very easy to replace background if using good source footage.


          If you do not have a keyable background in the video, you are looking at complicated and pain-staking efforts to "rotoscope" or paint out the background frame by frame, or use in combination with motion-tracking software. But again, very dependent on the quality of the image to start with, and is there any separation of talent from background to start with? If not, forget it.




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