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    captured TC from BMD counts backwards inside PPro CC


      Setup as following:

      Epic SDI out (1080p25) through BMD DecklinkHD Extreme3D+ captured via PProCC. TC is TOD and shows the correct time on the outputmonitor (JVC-DTV24-G1) when capturewindow is activ.

      But a captured file in projectwindow always shows mediastart at and counts backward (i.E)

      When capturing through the BMD Mediaexpress the correct TOD is shown (imported in PProCC.


      Is there a setting what I´m missing or what else can I try?






      I just noticed that all captured files (with wrong TC) in the project window are interpreted as upper field first. But my capture settings are defintely  progressiv (not psf, real progressiv)


      Is PPro not able to handle progressive capture ála Epic in a correct way?