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    SharedObject Headaches

      Okay, I'm trying to flush an object when a user clicks a button. It worked fine until I tried to flush the object (error message is below). This is the ActionScript code (inside initApp()):
      var time:Date = new Date();
      sobject.data.theTime = time;

      That's basically where the error occurs. I define sobject as a global variable like this:
      private sobject:SharedObject = new SharedObject();

      Here's the runtime error I get when I click the button:
      Error: Error #2130: Unable to flush SharedObject.
      at Error$throwError()
      at flash.net::SahredObject/flush()
      at main/::initApp()
      at main/__Button2_click()
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          theklue Level 1
          I think you should listen for the flush method to finish correctly:

          try {
          var status:String = sobject.flush( );
          if(status == SharedObjectFlushStatus.PENDING)
          { sobject.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS,flushStatusHandler);
          catch (error:Error)
          Alert.show("Error doing flush");

          private function flushStatusHandler(event:NetStatusEvent):void
          { event.target.removeEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, flushStatusHandler);

          if(event.info.code == "SharedObject.Flush.Failed")
          Alert.show("You must allow local data storage.");

          Hope this helps.

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            peterent Level 2
            What I'm not seeing is: SharedObject.getLocal() - you have new SharedObject() which isn't how you get a local shared object.
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              theklue Level 1
              Ups, that's true. I was assuming that it was a permissions problem. Let's see if this solves his headaches...