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          I am not sure how to do it.  I have the augosugess working fine from the first input field.  When i start enter the name into this box, i want other information automatic to  populate into other text boxses as well  like company , descp for this name.  Can some some pleae help?



      <cffunction name="lookupItem" access="remote" returntype="array">

          <cfargument name="search" type="any" required="false" default="">


              <!--- Define variables --->

              <cfset var qArt="">

              <cfset var result=ArrayNew(1)>


              <!--- Do search --->

            <cfquery name="qArt" datasource="art">

                select * from [dbo].[arts]

               WHERE Artname LIKE '#ARGUMENTS.search#%'



              <!--- Build result array --->

              <cfloop query="qArt">

             <cfset ArrayAppend(result, Artname)>




                      <!--- And return it --->

              <cfreturn result>




          <cfform action="" method="post" name="medform">

          <cfinput autosuggest="cfc:cfc.Art.lookupItem({cfautosuggestvalue})" type="text" name="Artname" size="30" typeahead="yes">



          Name<cfinput type="text" name="desc" label="desc" bind="{Artname}" ><br>


          Comp:<cfinput type="text" id="comp" name="comp" label="conp" bind="cfc:cfc.Art.lookupItem({Artname})" >


          Desc:<cfinput type="text" id="desc" name="desc" label="desc" bind="cfc:cfc.Art.lookupItem({Artname})" >