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    Formatting text box hanging indent: First line starts to left, the rest is on right.


      InDesign CS6 finally arrived less than two weeks before I need the draft version of a major publication. I last used InDesign in about version 3 or 4. I've been using Publisher lately. I'm halfway through the ID manual so direct me to a page number if this is answered in there.


      I want the first line of a paragraph in my text box to start on the left, then jump to a tab where more text starts. The text would wrap to that tab point if it is long enough. Then the whole process starts again with the next paragraph in the same text box. I'd like this formatting to be automatic, with not much fussing on my part to get it to work - and to flow around (not on top of) photos on the right.


      It should look something like this:



      Funding:           A funding source goes here. It is long.
                                 It wraps to the tab point at the "A."


      Description:     A description goes here. It is long.
                                 It wraps to the tab point at the "A."



      In Word, you do this by dragging the bottom "house" to the right, to where it lines up with the tab, and it is called a "hanging indent."


      Can this be done (easily) in InDesign? Or do I need two text boxes with the tops aligned, to get the two different "left" margins?


      I've tried doing it with a table but sometimes the table gets too long and the bottom row or two disappears, even when the blue lines are plenty big...and the text isn't flowing around photos to the right so I have to keep it narrow so the type isn't on top of the photos. This is not the effect I want! My latest mockup page has seven two-column, one row tables which isn't an ideal solution either because I have to manually adjust the gaps between the tables/paragraphs - and the text still isn't flowing around the photos.