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    editing a feature on PP - system setup reccomendations


      I'm about to begin editing a feature using PP and I'm looking for some advice on the configuration of my edit suite.

      I'm currently using a suite with the following specs:

      Intel i7-3820 @3.60GHz / 32 GB RAM / GeForce GTX 670

      My system drive is a 230GB SSD and in terms of storage, I'm planning on using 4 of the following:

      WD 3TB 3.5" SATA3 6GB/s 7200RPM 64M Buffer

      This would give me a total of 12TB of storage space since I would be running individual drives rather than a RAID configuration. The majority of our shoot will be multi-cam which is why I'd like to have as much storage space as possible.

      In regards to backup concerns, I'm be working with proxy files (either ProRes or Cineform, not sure which format we're going with yet) and they will be backed up on external drives offsite. I'll also be backing up my project files to a cloud service daily.

      Can anyone offer advice based on the setup I've described? Would I be better to use a RAID 0 configuration for additional speed? Thoughts on ProRes vs. Cineform for the offline edit? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.