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    Need help with security (domian protection)


      Hi All

      I'm new to this product.

      We have 6 live tv channels which we encode and send it to FMS 4.5 via livepkgr

      From there we let our visitors view those channels.

      Now we have notice that lots of other websites are stealing our streams.

      I have spend almost 4 days trying to protect it so you can only view those stream from our domain. 

      However no matter what I did so far unable to protect it.

      I came accross this forum and learned that you can use allowedHTMLdomains.txt and allowedSWFdomains.txt on live streaming, however we are using livepkgr not live.

      How can we protect our stream to only be view from our domian?

      I'm very new to this so please explain step by step.

      Any help is very much appreciated.