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    How to sync timelines of different symbols?


      I want a command that sets a symbol's timeline position based on another symbol's timeline position.



      My case: Im making a intercative animation of a room, where i have a black screen symbol ("filmepreto") with a opacity animation over my room image. That symbols adjusts de room ilumination.

      I have a symbol with an animation of a curtain closing (cortina) and another one with a roof lamp that gets on or off controlled by a button. When the button that turns the roof lamp the position of the "filmepreto" must be the same of the curtain. Both the curtain animation and the "filmepreto" animation have the same lenght.


      I have more things that interefere on the ilumation of the room but, if I have the code to sync the off state of them with the position of the curtain animation i think I can set everything.


      Any ideas?