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    Best settings for exporting an HD Film?

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      hi there,



      I hope you are all well.


      I would like to ask a question regarding a current film i am trying to export and deliver to a client, this film will either most likely be watched on a large HD TV or projected onto a presentation wall in the highest quality for an event.



      For my own personal videos, i usually export under quicktime container and in an H.264 codec as follows- it has an output .MOV file:



      Format: Quicktime

      Preset: Custom

      Codec: H.264, 100 quality, target 10Mbps, max 10Mbps AAC, Progressive, 44100Hz, Stereo




      1920x1080, 25fps, Upper, 48000Hz, Stereo




      After some research, i realise that most commonly people use the container H.264 and then export as 1080p 25fps, progressive, for HD films with an  .MP4 output.

      Is this the most recommended format to output HD film to a client? I tend to usually work with .mov so not quite familiar with .MP4 or know any of its limitations, but I am looking for the best quality output, i dont mind so much if it is a large file size, just the best highest quality thats readily available for the client to use?


      I am still quite new to all of this so would really appreciate any advice!



      thanks very much