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    Ray-traced 3D error 5070 :: 2


      Whenever I enable ray traced 3D and try to render a preview I immidiately get the error: Ray-Traced 3D Error: Out of paged memory for ray tracer. (5070 :: 2)


      This has been going on for about a month or so. I'm running CC The error also occurs in CS6 11.0.3.


      The CS6 error is Out of paged memory for ray tracer. your project may exceed card limits. Try closing other applications. Try updating CUDA driver. (5070 :: 0).


      I have tried these things and im running the current CUDA driver 5.5.25, although I believe this would be irrelevant since I do not have a CUDA graphics card.


      Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


      Running mac pro 4,1

      8 core: 2.66

      16gb Ram

      7950 Sapphire Graphics

      Both cs6 and CC suites