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    cfeclipse is not doing an auto checkout


      i am using a eclipse with 2 different plugins - cfeclipse and Team Foundation Server

      I  have a project in TFS, and have the same project created in a workspace:


      Sue_workspace - workspace name







      so that is what my directory looks like

      I have set it up with Team/Share to connect it with TFS

      i can manually check out a file by right clicking and choosing check out file - this will add it to the pending changes in the the Team Foundation perspective


      2 problems with the cfeclipse perspective

      1 - the files in the cfeclipse persepctive are not set up as read only (there is no little red dot on the icon) - i have another project that is set up this way but i have no idea how they did it

      2- how do i make the files automatically check out - if i open a file - i can just start editing it, but it doesn't check it out and it doesn't add it to the pending changes - so then i have no idea what files changed.


      i have the perferences set up (windows/preferences/Team/Team Foundation Server/Source Control) set up  to

      - get latest on checkout and attempt to resolve conflicts

      - keep existing locks

      - confirm before checking in

      - prompt before checking out


      This is driving me crazy - i appreciate any help i can get!