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    Installing/Uninstalling PPCS6 for Encore

    Shane P Level 3



      I recently reformatted my main workstation and reinstalled my OS (Win Pro 7) and all of the CC apps that I use. I decided to do a clean install of my OS (Win 7Pro) as I like everything to be installed "cleanly".


      I wanted to install Encore and I am well aware that I have to install/uninstall PPCS6 to aquire Encore.


      After installing all of my CC apps, PP, AE, PS, AI, etc, etc, I installed/uninstalled PPRO CS6 last to aquire Encore.


      I do not like having multiple versions of software on my OS as I like to keep everthing "clean" so I uninstalled PPROCS6 and removed the preferences as well. Perfect. Not a trace of PPROCS6 left that I can detect.




      I am extremely irritated as it left Bridge CS6 and Media Encoder CS6 installed which I have no need for as I have the CC versions of the apps installed already.


      Is there no way to uninstall BR CS6 and AME CS6?


      I am quite irritated that after doing a beautiful clean install I am left with this extra crap.


      Adobe decided to dump Encore...so be it...but at least have the professional courtesy of making it a stand alone app that can be installed independently, like FW CS6 for example.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          http://helpx.adobe.com/encore/kb/encore-cs6-installed-cc.html is the link I have... I do NOT know if that page (or an internal link to more discussion) has what you want (I do not use the Cloud, so only saved the link for those people who ask about Encore when they have the Cloud)

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            Shane P Level 3



            Thank you for the response. I did in fact read that page in it's entirety prior to the installation. When one installs PPROCS6 for the soul purpose of installing Encore CS6, one is actually installing the PPRO CS6 "family" which includes Encore CS6, Bridge CS6, Media Encoder CS6, Extension Manager CS6 and ExtendScript Toolkit CS6.


            When you go to uninstall PPRO CS6 you have the option of uninstalling PPRO CS6 and/or Encore CS6. When you uninstall PPRO CS6, it will in fact do just that, however it DOES NOT uninstall Bridge CS6, Media Encoder CS6, Extension Manager CS6or ExtendScript Toolkit CS6.


            That page fails to mention that although you are uninstalling PPRO CS6 you will not be able to uninstall the above mentioned application left behind.


            When I go to Control Panel>Remove Programs those remaining applications do not show up as independent installations. However there is one entry for "Adobe Premiere Pro CS6".


            IMO, Adobe needs to update that article and notify customers that they are installing the entire PPRO CS6 "family", not just PPRO CS6 and Encore CS6 and there is no apparent way to remove the additional applications through conventional means.


            On that note, I think it is completely unprofessional that anyone of us who have moved the to CC and the CC Apps that want to download Encore have to go through the *** backwards process of downloading an earlier version of PPRO just to install Encore...ridiculous.


            Adobe should at least make it convenient for us and a little more straight forward and have Encore CS6 and a stand alone app/installer.


            Nice one Adobe...pure laziness.