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    Fireworks / Dreamweaver help

      Hi, please could somebody assist me with the following query - I am a newcomer to Dreamweaver / Fireworks MX, I am looking for the best way to create a link from a file that I have created in Fireworks MX and will then be importing into Dreamweaver MX, basically I have created a canvas in Fireworks that is 200 pixel width by 50 pixel height. At the far left of the canvas is a an imported image that is 50 x 50 pixels, I have then added some text which just covers part of the remaining free canvas. I am wanting both the picture and the text to link to 1 different webpage, ideally for professionalism I do not want the rest of the canvas to be a link (this will merge into the background that I have created in Dreamweaver). Am I right in saying that I need to create hotspots for both the image and the text? if so how do I go about creating the hotspots and then setting up the links? How do I export the file into Dreamweaver MX?
      I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this or a pointer in the direction of some relevant resources.

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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Do you want the text in your fireworks document to be actual text that you can highlight and read by screen-readers, etc - or do you want stylized text that will more or less be a "picture of text"?

          If its the former (most likely), then you'll only export the background image you've built in Fireworks. Using either tables, or CSS - build an HTML page with that as the background of your table or div. Now export your 50x50px image separately, and place that into your table or div in dreamweaver.

          Copy and paste your text into the same table, and style this text using CSS.

          Hope that helps, lemme know if you get stuck.