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    Errors building FABridgeSample


      [Sorry to multipost. I also asked this question in the SDK forum, but this looks like the more appropriate place. Please help if you can.]

      I installed the flex 3 SDK and got the FABridgeSample.html example working correctly (Couldn't get SimpleSample to work out-of-the-box but that's neither here nor there).

      I then wanted to try building the example locally and was using the command line mxmlc on app.mxml and was getting "class not found" error on the "import mx.chart.*" stuff. I wasn't sure if it was a classpath issue but as I hadn't ever downloaded the charting package I decided to do that and install it, but could only find version 2 on the web.

      Now I'm getting "Error: Decloration of style 'textDecoration' conflicts with previous declaration in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\fabridge\frameworks\lib\charts.swc (DataGridColumn)

      Did I download the wrong version(s)?

      flex3_sdk_b2_100107.zip and FCC2_MLP_WWE.zip

      Is charting supposed to come with DataVisualisation.swc in SDK 3?

      Do I have to deinstall charting 2 and start over?

      Please help!

      Cheers Richard Maher

      PS. I'd very much like to stick to the command line please and don't want to install/use FlexBuilder if I don't have to. Less is definitely more here :-) Just want to feed a Flex pie graph from a Socket vis Java/JavaScript. This looks really sexy! If I can only work out what I'm doing :-)

      And example command lines for the ActionScript compile and the MXML compile would be a big help.