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    Running an update via command line on demand

    Martin J. Little

      In my organization, we are designing a new public access system where the computers will be protected with "rollback" software so no changes are retained. Updates will be handled in a maintainance window and include Windows Updates, Anti Virus Definitions and hopefully Flash Player, Acrobat Reader and Shockwave Player. The "snapshot" of the disk is then updated.


      Is there a way of running the update on demand, I have tried running the EXE that the scheduled task calls, but that doesn't seem to do much (maybe it only runs for the system account?)


      I cannot rely on the automatic update happening to run in the maintainance window and I need to have output of when the update has completed whether there was or was not an update performed.


      Needless to say, all this needs to be able to run silently.


      Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.