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    Steppy shadows

    b.hein Level 1

      Hi folks!


      I recently discovered a problem while doing custom shadows for products.

      The effect also appears when I open files from colleagues. If looked closely, they also got that problem but only half as bad as I experience it.


      No matter what profile I am working in - Adobe RGB, sRGB, eciRGBv2 ... / Fogra, eci v2 300%, Custom CMYK ...- after applying gaussian blur to a plain or painting it manually with a soft brush I get very unclean, "steppy" (is that the right word?) results. When trying to adjust the shadow by erasing or with a mask it even gets worse.


      At first I thought it's my screen, but this effect also seems to appear on prints.

      You really need to look close to see it, but overall it is 1C 1M 1Y 1K on the outer edge, and that 4% isn't that less to be overlooked I think.


      I got an iMac and a NEC 2490WUXi als working screen.



      Images (some curves added on the right image for better visibility)


      Plain with gaussian blur:


      After erasing/masking:



      I appreciate any tip, help or even assumption.


      Thank you,