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    Is there a way to limit who can sign a PDF form?

    krs242 Level 1



      I am using Acrobat X with Livecycle ES2


      Does anyone know a way to limit who can sign a PDF with their digital signature?


      For example:


      I create a form in LiveCycle and put the finished form in to a public managers directory in Windows.


      For this specific form only “Manager2” and “Manager8” are authorized to sign it with their digital signatures. All other 15 managers can open the form, but when they attempt to sign it, get an error saying they are not authorized, or something similar.


      Is this possible within Adobe Acrobat?


      Note: Please do not suggest adjusting the Windows file/directory permissions, as this is not an option.


      I am open ears for all Adobe suggestions.


      Kindly advise.