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    HDV capture issues on an iMac – jittery / jerky pictures.

    Andrew_S Level 3

      We have a number of new iMac’s, running CS6 (Mac OS) which when you open the capture window and play a HDV tape, the picture is dropping lots of frames. It looks like it’s running at about 12 FPS. The source tape is PAL (25fps). The captured file is OK though. CUDA is installed and enabled. (Does not make any difference if it’s not.) When we used FCP v6 this is exactly how the capture window displayed video as it was being captured – on earlier iMac’s or Mac pros.


      Is this a “feature” of HDV on a Mac OS? DV plays OK in the capture window.


      I’m somewhat confused as to what to see in the capture window as Adobe documentation says this;

      You can also preview HDV footage in the Capture window, in Windows only. However, you cannot preview HDV footage in the Capture window during capture. Instead, the word Capturing appears in this window during HDV capture.”


      No such words appear.


      Also from Adobe;

      “When shuttling, logging, and capturing HDV footage on Mac OS, the preview pane in the Capture panel will remain blank. You must preview this footage on an external TV monitor or, when the source device is a camcorder, on its viewfinder.”


      Well I’ve got a picture in the capture window but not exactly as it should be.


      If the iMac's are booted into windows7, there are no problems. The capture window plays at 25fps with HDV.


      Any suggestions? Is this a Mac “feature” of HDV?


      Later edit

      I forgot to add Mac OS 10.8.4 and premiere 6.0.2 (I cant update it as I don't have admin rights and our IT have disabled the update function.)