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    Issue with copy and pasting text/template in Premiere 11


      When i was editing a video on Premiere Elements 11, I had to create a lot of texts required for the video. For uniformity, I wanted the same text background with the text font/size. To do this I tried copying and pasting a title (with a particular background) and pasted in other sections of the sequence. But when I change or edit the text on any of the pasted ones in the sequence, the changes occur in the original text too; infact it occur simultaneously on all the other pasted ones too.


      Is there a method where I can edit the text without making changes to the original copied one?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This has been reported many times for Premiere Elements Titler titlers (not just version 11).


          The issue goes to Titler titlers with the same name with the resulting edit one, the rest are edited the same.


          In Project Assets, you can right click the original and select Duplicate. Or you can change the name of the second title in Project Assets before you start editing it in the Titler.


          Please review and, if further questions on this, please do not hesitate to ask.