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    Note on interactive SVG and Edge Commons

    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I encountered something I want to mention so people do not pull their hair trying to find out which things are not working.


      1- issue publishing

      If you add a js folder for your js files, Animate v2 will not import it in your web folder - So add it after you have published

      2- SVG layer names


      If you use uppercase for your layer names, you may have problem using it for adding images for example. This is especially true if your server is Unix because it is case sensitive. It is better to not use uppercase in names.

      I used the layer names to add images and of course the server could not read the uppercase. The code was right but the reading was wrong  and the images did not load.


      Note: in the code below I added 3 lines to take off numbers created when more than one layer had the same name and also took off space when I had more than one word in the name. Not pretty but it works.


      var newText = (event.target.id).split("_").join(" ");

      var newText2 = (newText).split("1").join("");

      var newText3 = (newText2).split(" ").join("");

      sym.$('image').attr('src', 'images/'+ newText3 + '.jpg');   // if the layer name is uppercase then the image is not loaded.