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    Can we require authentication to access the submission form?


      Hi, I understand that a similar question has been asked here previously, but was never provided with an answer.


      We utilize forms central to allow our PMs to submit requests for engineering tasks internally. The link is only distributed to those inquiring, and not embedded anywhere, so it's not an issue of it being found in the wild and spammed. The issue is we work in an environment where we are required to be HIPAA compliant in order to sell to some portion of our market.


      Part of HIPAA security compliance is that all internal technologies be held behind authentication. Thus, in order to continue using these forms we have to find a way to require our users to login before they can submit.


      We've had a great experience, and seen success using FormsCentral thus far, we'd really rather not be forced to move elsewhere and start over.


      Any suggestions at this point would be appreciated.