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    TOC problem


      We have a document that has 5 or more chapters and each chapter has it’s own TOC.


      Paragraph Styles were created for the whole job. Each Section head and Subsection head has a Style and will be included in the TOC.  Because the type style for the TOC is different than what was applied in the document text, new separate Paragraph Styles were created for the TOC items.  After creating the TOC, those new Paragraph Styles were applied to each TOC page. 


      Paragraph Styles were made for each Chapter Section (Section, Sub Section, Section 2, Sub Section 2, etc.) and were applied to the appropriate chapters. Once Styles were applied, went to Layout, Table of Contents and the Table of Contents box appears.


      Placed the Chapter heading in the Title: box.  Chose the Paragraph Style to be used for the heading in Style.


      In the Styles in Table of Contents section, moved the individual chapter Paragraph Styles from the “Other Styles” box to the “Include Paragraph Styles” box.


      Hit ok


      A loaded text cursor appears.

      Go to the blank TOC page in your document and drag the loaded text cursor to create the new TOC.


      After creating the new Chapter TOC. I applied the respective Paragraph Style (TOC Section Bold, TOC Section Reg) to the text.


      When revisions are made to the document and pages change, I go to the TOC page and click on the text box, hit Layout, Update Table of Contents.  Contents updates with the new info, but goes back to the original Paragraph Styles.


      How do I update the TOC but retain the TOC Paragraph Styles?