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    Multi-cam vs. the Reference monitor

    kbjohnson1 Level 1

      I use multi-cam to cut two views together.

      Each view is in its own sequence, and those two sequences are the two tracks in the "multicam source"


      While viewing the "multicam destination" sequence,  I often use the Application-wide keyboard shortcut to "Toggle Multi-camera View".


      I like to keep the Reference Monitor up with some scopes on it while editing, to keep an eye on the relative color between the two cameras.

      Sometimes, the Reference Monitor pops back to "Composite" view, instead of my scopes.  It happens SOMETIMES when I use the hotkey to

      toggle Multi-camera view.


      Whether it changes the Reference Monitor view depends on which panel has focus when I hit the hot key!


      1) If the Program monitor has focus, and I hit the hot key to toggle Multi-Camera View, no problem, the Ref monitor stays on scopes as I want.


      2) If the Timeline panel has focus, then the silly Reference Monitor pops back to Composite View.


      FYI, I checked, and there is no specific Timeline panel hotkey using the same keystroke (I am using shift-6)



      Any idea if there is something to prevent the Ref Monitor from changing its settings from scopes to Composite like this?

      I doubt this is an intended behavior, probably just an odd edge case.


      I do see that the Program Monitor panel has an available keyboard shortcut called "Multi-Camera", but since I don't have the problem when focus is in the Program Monitor, I don't think this is relevant.  (I have it assigned to no keyboard shortcut right now).


      As a side note, It would be really nice if the program monitor could remember for each sequence whether it should be showing "Multi-Camera View" or not. 

      I often have to switch between looking at the multi-cam destination, and looking at other sequences... and it makes no sense that those other sequences should be viewed in Multi-cam mode, just because some other sequence was being viewed in multi-cam mode.   No?




      Premiere Pro CC, Version 7.0.1 (105)

      OS X 10.8.5