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    Add pages to form based on a dropdown selection on first page.


      Ok, so I have two different forms that both have dropdown menues on the first page.  When you select an option from the dropdown, it automaticaly fills in certain information on the forms.  The reason I currently have two different forms is that the selections for one of those forms needs about 4 pages to properly display all of the information needed for those selections, where as the other form only requires two pages of information.  I was wondering if there might be a way to put all of the dropdown menu items into one form and have that form add pages and fields if you select certain items in that dropdown, so that I can use just one form for all of the information I am trying to give.  Also, it would be best if this could also work with Adobe Reader once scripted, if that is possible.  From what I have found, adding pages is a Privileged function and the only thing I have been able to find about doing anything similar to this didn't work with Reader.  It seems like it may be possible with a folder level script, but I wouldn't know how to code it if that would work.