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    Difference between FormsCentral Plus and Adobe Acrobat Plus


      I am new to creating PDF forms, and have a business need to create a form to send to 10,000 customers. Under the benefits of Adobe Acrobat Plus, it says "Publish forms and view results in real time."   Is the AAP the only way to get a URL to provide to my customers?  I want to make it as easy as possible to access and complete the form electronically.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat Plus includes a subscription to the FormsCentral service. Acrobat lets you create PDF forms that are not based on a form you create in FormsCentral, so you have much greater flexibility. The big advantage of using a PDF form with FormsCentral is the secure and reliable means it provides for collecting form data (but not the completed PDF) from an unlimited number of submissions. The down side is some features available with PDF forms are not supported by FormsCentral. If you create a PDF form, you are free to make it available on a web site or by email, they are not hosted on the FormsCentral servers as web forms are.


          Note that Acrobat is able to Reader-enable PDF forms so that Reader users can save a filled-in form. The problem is if you distribute an enabled form to more than 500 recipients (as yo do when you post it on a publicly accessible web site, for example), you are limited by the Acrobat license to using data from no more than 500 instances of the form that has been returned to you, including hardcopies. When a PDF form is enabled with the FormsCentral service, there are no such limitations.