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    Merge Files details disappearing from HHP file

      I've looked in the archives and can't find a solution to this particular issue, so...

      I have RH X5.0.2 on Windows XP SP2, and I'm working, on a local drive, with a master CHM file and several slave files. As an example:


      Some slave file names contain an underscore, some don't. This seems to be important...

      Recently, some of the hyperlinks between the master file and slave files simply stopped working - I got a "This webpage cannot be displayed" HTML error page. Turned out that the links to the slave files without underscores in the title carried on working fine, but the links to files with underscores were all broken. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to change the file names.

      It further transpired that the [MERGE FILES] section of the master HHP file was completely disappearing at compile time - when this section is put back in manually and the master CHM recompiled, everything works fine. However, if I make one change to any hyperlink between a master and a slave file (even a cosmetic change, such as changing a letter from upper to lower case), the [MERGE FILES] section disappears again next time the CHM is compiled.

      I've deleted and re-created the CPD file; it makes no difference. I've re-merged the slave files: no difference. Obviously we have a manual workaround, but I wondered if anyone might know how to prevent the issue in the first place?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi SarahWriter and welcome to the RH community.
          The problem you are seeing is caused by having underscores in your CHM file names. This is bad practice especially when merging into a master project. The only answer to this is to change the name of the master, 3rd and 4th slave files. You can beat around the bushes all you like but the problem will return if you don't follow this advise. Perhaps if you tell your Manager of the scale of the problem they will see that the change has to be made.