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    Document class won't load, HELP!

    Joux Rose Level 1

      It happened suddenly, after I began to have weird (not valid, I swear!) errors all over a class (cannot access undefined property... ANY)

      After a while I just removed everything in the class and started to add back pieces bit by bit.

      But then suddenly there was a blank window when I tested... So I checked (edit button) the Main.as document class, and it was a default one created by flash!

      I tried various workaround: rename .fla, rename Main.as, but nothing works! It just wont load the document class

      Just want to know if maybe there's something obvious I didn't see or think of.


      [Win7 64bit, sublime text 3]


      EDIT: Just want to point out that while debugging, I saw that my sources folders had disappeared from AS3 properties... so everything points to a corrupted file.

      I dont see a way to export all assets to a swc, but by saving as uncompressed xfl, but then is there a way to import the whole ASSETS folder?