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    why this movie wont stop playing?

    BunnyFace01 Level 1
      Hi there ,
      Im really needing some help with my flash file here,
      i have been following tutorial on how to make this animated gallery
      ( http://www.flash-game-design.com/flash-tutorials/gallery-flash-tutorial.html)
      and i seem to be going fine with it, but when it came to includeing this into a flash web site,
      i came across this issue, the way i have the site set up, is each button " adventures" "photos"
      etc.. each button takes you to a different location in the time line, but it seems once
      the gallery movie has loaded, no matter where else on the time line i got to , it will keep playing.
      even thoguh it isnt actually on the frame it is playing it on.

      this may be a little confusing.. but IM VERY CONFUSED.
      can any one help with this? or do you have simpler way of doing what im trying to do ?

      any help would be great!