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    Flash Player Pop up's


      why does flash player keep popping up on my computer screen in the middle of my work

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          Mike M Level 6

          Flash Player? or an update notice?
          Or what?

          And wothout knowing what OS you use, or what browser... you're not really giving anyone much to work with.

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            tnandlaura Level 1

            Adobe Flash Player keeps popping up on my screen  disturbing my work how

            can I fix the continuous POP  UP'S

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              tnandlaura Level 1

              I use aol,windows 7,  Flash Player pop up's tell me to install has nothing to do with updates I intalled and I still have pop up's telling me to install in the middle of my work

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                Mike M Level 6

                Something is accessing (or attempting to access) Flash content, then.

                AOL (I used to work for them - it's garbage software and you DON'T need it) uses a LOT of Flash content for things like toolbar animations, and they "rotate content" all day and night on their homepage, so every time their server reloads or refreshes a page that requires a newer version than you have, the install popup will appear.


                There are two ways to resolve this:


                1. Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by right clicking the following link and selecting "Save Target as".

                Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

                Save it to your downloads folder - DO NOT run it yet!

                Reboot your system.

                BEFORE you open ANYTHING ELSE, locate and run the installer.


                2. Stop using and UNINSTALL the AOL software that you don't need under any circumstances, because it does NOTHING that can't be done with Internet Explorer, or Firefox and the AOL website. Seriously, it's just about 700 Mb of unnecessary "bloatware".