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    Premiere Pro CC v7.0 - MP3s corrupted during import with "Write XMP ID to Files on Import"


      Premiere Pro CC v7.0 - original MP3s corrupted during import with default "Write XMP ID to Files on Import" option


      I have just started using a Trial version of Premiere.


      I have a folder full of corrupted MP3 files after attempting to import them into Premiere.


      After searching these forums I found that some other people have had corruption issues during import of media and it was related to the Preferences->Media->"Write XMP ID to Files on Import" option.


      I attempted to import additional MP3s (this time making backups first) with and without the Write XMP ID option, and have found that this is where the issue is.


      While the MP3 files still fail to be imported, the files are not corrupted in the process when the Write XMP ID option is unchecked.


      Writing to files that are being imported seems to me like unexpected behaviour for any software.


      Adobe please advise!


      Is there any way to recover my original MP3 collection?