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    Multi-Camara GPU?

    Diego Nuevo

      Hello. I just purchased the Quadro K600 and currently use the DC Premiere

      My team is:

      Msi Motherboard Z87-G43

      CPU # 1 Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4770 CPU@3.40GHz, 3400 MHz

      Ram 16gb Kingston Hyper x 1333

      SDD Kingston Hyper x 3k



      All my videos are in 1080 with a Canon 550d (. MOV)

      I want to do Multi Camera with 10 videos at once.

      But my computer will not let me play fluids. I have programs CPU and GPU performance. and the 8 CPU cores are working but the GPU is idle and does not help to work with these videos.

      Obviously I have since Mercury Playback GPU Acceleration



      My final question is whether the mutil camera does not use GPU to help run all the videos without being stranded. Nor do I cut more than 1/4 that looks horribly wrong then the multi camera videos small.



      I hope I can resolve the doubt.




      Greetings from Spain