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    Exporting OMF with metadata?


      I'm working on a short film, and I'm trying to export an OMF to the sound designer. He's working in ProTools, and I know nothing about sound editing stuff, but he's telling me he's not getting the meta data from the original sound files. Now I've tried Every kind of OMF and AAF export I can find in Premiere, but nothing seems to work.


      So is there a way to export an OMF that points to the original audiofiles, instead of writing new ones? Or some other way to keep the original meta data of the file?

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          LFedit Level 1

          Not sure what metadata your sound designer is looking for, but try not "encapsolating audio."  I believe you have to manually locate your audio files and reconnect them when you send it to ProTools.  Also, I've also had better experiences outputting OMFs from Audition.  Send you sequence to Audition and then create your OMF from there.