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    Keep image(logo) centred to page




      I'm trying to centre an image to the centre of the browser using the responsive settings. My problem is that I can centre the image, but as soon as I start to scale upwards or downwards the Logo isn't staying in the middle of the browser. I've attached 2 images to explain my issue.


      Thanks in advance for your help



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          robboerman Level 4

          Use edgehero.js to center

          or just use css on it: margin:auto;


          - Rob

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            I'm also trying to center elements, exactly as described. I have the same issue, the elements do not really stay in the center once the viewport gets smaller.


            I'm trying this code on my stage under compositionReady:



            The box does not center itself, it just stands there fixed.


            Edit: I understood now how smaller images can be placed in the center of a bigger stage:

                 - place image in stage

                 - set image to background fixed via the responsive layout button

                 - scale image container size to 100%

                 - place image in the center of the comp

                 image stays in the center. The problem in my case is, this image is a button, and now the entire box is clickable, not just the button part.


            Now how would that work with a number of elements that are not images? I have a button that is made up of a base rectangle, some text and arrow graphic. There is no obvious way to group and position this group in the center of a larger comp.


            Edit2: OK I figured out how to group and center elements:

                 - combine elements into symbol

                 - name the symbol button

                 - use this css code on the stage:



            "margin": "0 auto",

            "width": "200px",

            "position": "relative",

            "top": "368px",

            "left": "0px"



            Of course your positions might vary, for me these worked.

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