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    My name is Patrick


      Can I send an email from Adobe

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Can you please provide more details of your question?

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            pcpotter Level 1

            Yes I can, the other day I needed to send a letter to a company I am dealing with and I saw the email symble at the bottom of the document page so I clicked on it but I couldn't figure out how to creat an email and also, in the document there is an option to add attachments to the document but it wouldn't let me attach anything it was telling me I needed to pay extra if I remember correctly and I wasn't about to pay extra I'm already having to pay $10 plus a mth to use Adobe any way and for no more than I will use this program I was not going to pay anymore, for what I'm paying to use Adobe I feel I should be able to add attachments if I want toand on top of not limited to how many I can add.