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    BlackMagic Decklink Mini Monitor - how to output Source signal?

    EmanateStudios Level 1

      Dear PrP users,


      I currently purchased a Blackmagic Decklink Mini Monitor video I/O to use with PP CC and SG CC as well as Da Vinci Resolve 9/10 once I move onto it; nothing too fancy which I'm fine with the kind of grading work I do. I did this so I could have a maximum of 4 computer monitors whilst I grade on my GPU then the additional output for the Director/Client.


      However I did not know upon purchase that it only outputs the Canvas/Timeline (Program) from Premiere Pro. Before I would have my big TV output not only the Canvas (Program) but also the Viewer (Source) so I could show the Director/Client a clip from the browser without having to drop it into the timeline. This was a super useful feature and I am hoping to use this to Decklink Mini Monitor through premiere pro (as that is what I do primarily) that will both do Source and Program signals from PP CC. Is there a way to do that? Can it be done?


      I will of course go on BlackMagic forums also to find out, but thought I'd try here also just incase.


      Thank you.