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    Problem with drop down list: on Windows it works, on Mac doesn’t

    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

      Dear forum,


      I am reworking the MultiPageImporter2.5 script by Scott Zanelli; going to add some new features.

      So far I added a drop down list so the user could choose on which pages to place a pdf/indd file: odd/even/both.

      my dialog box.jpg

      However I encountered a strange problem: on Windows it works as expected, but on Mac nothing happens when I click the popup. When I write a dialog, I almost always use automatic layout and never encountered such a problem before. But in this script the author uses fixed position for the controls so I followed his coding style:

      dLog.pageSideMode = dLog.pan4.add('dropdownlist', [10,110,180,40], ["Odd and Even Pages", "Only Odd Pages", "Only Even Pages"]);
      dLog.pageSideMode.selection = pageSideMode;

      The drop down list is visible both on Windows and Mac, but on Mac it’s not clickable. What am I doing wrong?


      Another question: in the script, the author created three popups. In the code, each popup has a different height (the last element of the “bounds” array) – 60, 88, 33. Does it make sense to make them different if on the screen they look exactly the same (I mean height).


      Here’s my version of the script.

      I think the easiest solution for me here is to rework the dialog part from fixed to automatic layout.


      Thanks in advance.