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    Issue With select Check box in advance datagrid

    vineet osho Level 1


             i am using advance datagrid having hierarichal data.There is one column having checkbox and one header renderer(CheckBox) on top giving functionality of select all.when i clicked on select all checkbox , all the checkboxes in that column not showing checked unless  i collapse or expand the heirarichal data or scroll the advance data grid,similar is the case with unselect checkbox.however internally values are selected and unselected as per functionality but checkboxes are not show checked/unchecked in first go.i have tried following things to refersh the data but nothing worked.


      refreshing the arrayCollection and then calling invalidateList() on the grid.


      so please  guide me .



      Thanks in advance

        Vineet Osho

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          we have a field to bind the checkbox selected status, such as 'selected', when the data['selected'] = true means the checkbox is checked, otherwise is unchecked


          the itemrenderer code:


          public class CheckBoxADGItemRenderer extends CenteredCheckBox
                              public function CheckBoxADGItemRenderer()
                              override public function set data(value:Object):void
                                        super.data = value;
                              override protected function commitProperties():void
                                        selected = data['selected'];


          when click the header renderer checkbox, change the collection data 'selected' field, when checked, data['selected'] = true;


          then invalidate the check column properties,




          private function invalidateCheckColumnProperties():void
                                        var i:int = 0;
                                        var n:int = listItems.length;
                                        var instance:IInvalidating;
                                        for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
                                                  instance = listItems[i][0] as IInvalidating;
                                                  if (instance)


          Hope help for your.