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    Problems with Flex Message Service

      Hi all,

      I'm woking fine with Flex Message Service, the Producers send messages to destinations and subscribers receive those messages fine.

      But what if I want to use Java class to process the messages a destination receives from a Producer? Is it possible? I would like this Java class could (after processing) send messages to the subscribers do that especific destinations.
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          I think you should use JMS to do this rather than the messaging implementation in FDS. Using JMS, you would just create a JMS client that was both a consumer and a producer. The JMS client would use the same topic that your destination was configured to use in Flex.

          It may be possible to do it with the FDS messaging implementation but it would be using java apis that I am pretty sure we don't document and therefore they could potentially change. I have seen some examples of sending messages into the Flex messaging system from Java (the dashboard app in the samples does this) but not where a java class is listening for messages. Hope that helps.
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            ciwee_ufrj Level 1
            I havent thought of that but sending messages from a java class to Flex Message Service without listening to it would do the job.. because the clients can "send messages" to a Java class using RemoteObject! :) Problem solved. I'll take a look a dasgboard app to learn how to do that. Thanks a lot aglosband.