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    How to edit multiple takes (unequal length)?

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      Let's say scene A has two takes, A1 and A2. Furthermore, A2 is a few seconds shorter than A1.


      If I use take A1 in my movie and at a later time I change my mind and want to use A2 instead, I would delete A1 from the timeline and put A2 there, and then I have to ripple delete a blank space after A2 because it is shorter than A1.


      If I want to put A1 back, then I have to again move all the clips following the A2 in order to have room to put A1 there.


      Is there a feature in premiere pro that allows me to switch between takes easily? I know there is a multi cam feature, but it only works when all takes are the same length. Otherwise there would be a gap when a shorter take is selected.


      If premiere pro doesn't have a solution, then is there any video editor that does? How do professional movie editors do this so the director can ask the editor to play the movie using take A1, and then play it again using A2 during the editing process?

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          I think this is probably a good " lounge" forum question.. if someone wants to move it and poster likes idea.. ???


          pro editors are usually dealing with more than the timing of visuals and the sync sound that is a part of those visuals..

          For example, at some point there might be some background music ( soundtrack ), there might be subtitles, voice overs, lots of stuff on the timeline...


          So basically, changing "one scene take " of different duration effects the WHOLE timing of the project...know what I mean ??


          If I wanted to show 2 different 'versions' of an edit ( say, take 1 and take 2 of scene 1 ) I would make another sequence (copy paste ? ) and make what changes you want, and then show the sequences you want to, in order to show differences to your client or director or whoever...

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            shooternz Level 6

            One can use the Insert and Overlay Features as well as Replace Clip.


            Obviously all have an impact on media placement in other tracks. NO way around that.


            Editors deal with it in many ways.  eg set up a duplicate sequence or part sequence for the options.


            A quick and dirty way is alternate clips on tracks and just use the eyeball on / off.