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    rendering problem in cs6


      A particular project I am working on will not render in cs6.  Every time i try to render the timeline it freezes about 1/3 of the way through.  I can render one clip at a time for a few clips but then it consistently freezes after about 3 renders and i have to quit and reopen.  I will then reopen and be able to render the clip that it previously froze on, leading me to believe its not a problem with the media itself.  The media is a mixture of mp4s, movs and flvs that have been converted to DV (in MPEG streamclip).  I have tried using a new sequence, i have also tried importing into an entirely new project but continue to have the same problem.  I got so frustrated I exported an XML and am now workign easily in fcp7 but  i would really like to resolve this. Anyone have any advice?

      Thank you!