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    Adobe Exchange CC Panel not signed + Panel not loading (Win 8x64)

    le luxe fou Level 1

      hi there,


      since there is no "final solution" for this, i have to ask here. hopefully ;-)





      a. Windows 8 64 bit

      b. all creative apps installed with "Creative Cloud Application" (no standalone or beta)

      c. all "Creative Cloud Apps" are up to date

      d. "Extensionmanger CC" version 7.1

      e. logged in with an Microsoft-Online-Account


      solutions tryed:

      1, removed all CC apps via uninstallation

      2. run full run "Adobe_Creative_Cloud_Cleaner_Tool" to remove every trace left

      3. installed all the programs new and "udate" all.

      4. tryed to install the "AdobeExchange.zxp" via extension "Adobe Extensionmanager CC" gives the unsigned-fault every time.

      5. no panels open, nor any reaction if i try to invoke "Adobe Excange" from "Dreamveaver CC".

      6. fault in "Adobe Photoshop CC (32 + 64)" "cannot complete command because the extension could not be loaded. (kuler doesn't work also

      7. no matter if options "warning for unsigened extension" or " no internet access" are ON or OFF in any combination in Extension manager.

      8. update to "Application Manager" brings no change

      9. after new installation i did not sync from "Creative Cloud" anything, but does not help

      10. with synced "Creative Cloud" settings does not do anything better(more worse: it even screwed up all saved online settings)



      good to know

      I. Extensions install and can be used with an other local account on the same PC.

      II. if i change the online account to local account and vice versa brings no changes.

      III. "Extension Manager CS6" (with Fireworks) does everything fine

      IV. No problems on my MacPro in same network with  same "Creative Cloud User Profile"



      final question

      ? What to do that i am able to use "Adobe Exchange" Extensions for "CC" ?



      mit freundlichen gruessen

      viel spass