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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when exporting time lapse part of video

    JGrabowMST Level 1

      Lets start off with the basics:


      Computer specs:

      Dual 6 Core Xeon E5-2620 CPUs

      Asus Z9D8-PA

      32GB Registered Kingston DDR3 RAM

      250gb WD Velociraptor for the C: Parition

      640gb WD Blue drive for the project folder

      640gb WD Blue drive for my music/personal files

      nVidia GeForce GTX660 Ti (tweaked CUDA Supported List for MPE support)

      For audio, I use an M-Audio ProFire 2626, and I have two Artist Mix control surfaces working over EuCON for mixing in Adobe Audition.


      I have some BlackMagic plugins installed so I can match sequences that are started from my laptop (I use an Intensity Extreme for capturing on the go when needed).


      Long story short:


      I'm having a long day. I finished part two of my documentary earlier, and I want to upload it to my Vimeo account (so no one asks why I'm rendering the video out).


      There are several time lapses used throughout the piece, and it seems as though every time I go to export the Sequence In/Out points, it's crashing at the same spot within the time lapse (or at least as far as I can tell).


      Should I re-do the time lapse? Not a huge deal, while I wait for a reply, I'll try that, and post back if that helped.


      Some important information:


      Because I don't have a Vimeo Pro account, I have to limit the file size to 500mb or less. I use the h.264 codec and the Vimeo 720p 23.97fps preset which results in an estimated 463mb. I can't just pick and old codec because other codecs are freezing in the same spot (as far as I can tell).


      The video footage is shot with a full rigged up Canon 7D/Beachtek DXA-SLR/Rode NTG2 with wireless Sennheiser ew100 series using 1080p/24 video settings. The time lapse footage is shot with a Canon T1i and a modded remote shutter.


      I have exported time lapses alone with zero problems in the past (using the same preset), I don't know why this decided to all of a sudden start being a problem. I also exported part 1 of my documentary with no issues whatsoever on this same, unchanged configuration. Was it a recent update to Premiere that made this ugly monster rear it's head?


      Thanks in advanced for the help, it's greatly appreciated.

      (I do work in a computer shop, so I've troubleshot my hardware as far as I can go, this seems to be 100% software related to Premiere Pro CS6)

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          JGrabowMST Level 1

          SInce many people are reading this and no one has replied, I'll add some more info...


          1) I tried re-creating the time lapses with no luck. This is strange to me, because the preview video which was rendered for Adobe Audition had no problems. I do recall updating Premiere since rendering out that, so I suspect that may be part of the problem. I may have to try a computer with an older version of Premiere CS6 to see if that helps, however it will be some time before I'm able to do that.


          2) I tried converting the time lapses to After Effects compositions, and it did not help. I get a new error when trying to simply play the newly created composition in After Effects, which while I don't remember the exact error, it was something along the lines of 'the file has a different size than the software is expecting' or something like that. I'm not in front of that computer at the moment to re-create the problem for an exact error. To troubleshoot this problem, I opened several of the JPEG images in the time lapse in Photoshop, and re-saved them as a new file. I got this idea after reading around that sometimes it helps. No luck whatsoever.


          I don't really understand why I'm having so much of a problem now. I suppose I may try to render out the time lapses as video files, import them into the sequence, and see if I can get that to render out, however I am concerned about the quality of rendering something through twice just to get it to work, as well as the fact that it seems I have to use an older version of the software simply to get an output.


          Is there anyone at Adobe that can look deeper into this to see if it's a bug or not? It's seriously affecting my ability to use the software for it's intended purpose, especially considering I'm using features that are part of Premiere, and I have no extra plugins installed. I spent a great deal of money on the Master Collection as well as the computer capable of running it very well, and while I'm aware there wont be software developers lurking around here all the time, it's a bit of a blow to not have any response so far about this.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I am concerned about the quality of rendering something through twice


            Use this.  It's lossless, so no degradation.