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    When using shuttle keys (J/K/L) to fast-forward and backwards - Premiere CC WON'T STOP!

    Olly Newport Level 1

      This is starting to get pretty annoying. When using the shuttle keys to quickly go through footage on the timeline - affects mainly multicamera sequences - at full speed, I find that when I finally reach the point that I wish to slow down, or stop - Premiere CC won't. It keeps blindly scrubbing through my footage at full pelt (and with increasingly more irritating chipmunk pitched audio along with it).


      I'm not too sure why it keeps doing this. Single camera timelines remain mostly unaffected but occasionally it seems to happen. With multicamera footage through, I'm stuck - it could be just two cameras or 8, using the JKL keys means that I either have to wait for Premiere to behave itsself again (or hit the end of the clip, which sometimes can be several hours) or force restart.


      I wouldn't say I have a bad computer that might cause scrubbing issues either:


      Intel i7 3930K 3.20GHz 6-core

      32GB RAM

      NVIDIA GTX 780, w/2x monitors, 1080p and 1440p.


      All footage is coming directly over a 7200rpm drive connected via SATA 6GB.


      Anybody else have this issue / been able to solve it?