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    Best Dual Hard Drive Configuration?

    Mekong1 Level 1


                 I hope this is the correct forum for this.  


           I am about to install a second internal hard drive in the desktop computer I use for my studio work, and am having problems coming up with the most efficient setup.


            First of all, here is what I currently have and use:




                  Acer predator gaming pc

                  i3 processor-64 bit ready

                  1TB internal hard drive (from factory)

                  quick change internal hard drive bay  ( currently empty but have new 2 TB internal hard drive ready to install)

                  8 gb Ram

                  M-Audio Mini 3rd generation

                  M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Pro




                  Adobe Audition CS6.0

                  ProTools LE8

                 Windows Seven 32 bit   (have Windows seven 64 bit ready to install also)



             This system is mainly used for creating radio programs, not live but more in podcast format, I also use it for music and songs for the programs but I have been approached about doing some video work, mainly dubbing. I rely almost totally on audition cs6.0 and at times wonder why I even have protools installed...other than I do like a few of the effects


              The reason for wanting to make changes:


                I made a mistake in installing 32 bit windows seven in the first place, because I did not take "64 bit ready" literally and assumed that some type of upgrading was needed.


             When I was approached about the video work I began to upgrade the system by installing more Ram (originally only had 2gb DDR3) but after installing the Ram found that 32 bit windows seven will only use 3 GB Ram, but that 64 bit windows seven will utilize  more Ram. I also am contemplating purchasing Adobe Premier 6.0 which I believe needs 64 bit windows.


          Even though I am currently only using one third of the original 1 TB hard drive, I would also like to use the second hard drive for backup and or storage. I like having multiple backup options and currently use several external hard drives, one for a clone of my entire system, another for incremental backups and still one more for weekly "drag and drop" backups.


      My thoughts were:


             1) To install windows seven 64 bit on a partition in the second hard drive and use another partition on that hard drive for backups and/or storage


            2) To install windows seven 64 bit on the first hard drive as a second operating system (leaving windows 32 bit also) and use the second hard drive as a backup and/or storage drive


            3) To install windows 64 bit as the only operating system on the first hard drive and use the second drive as backup/storage


              I am not really an expert at all of this and have made some monumental msitakes in the past that have cost me weeks of down time, so am really trying to avoid making mistakes or having regrets about how I set the system up.


                                                                                                             Thanks in Advance!

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          Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have any particular reason in mind to create a dual boot environment and keep Win7/32? 


          If not, simply do away with the 32 bit Windows, clean install the 64 bit and run everything there.


          Conventional wisdom is that for Audio and Video work you wish to have the operating system and software on one HDD while using a second one for media storage.  That seems to work for me.

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            Mekong1 Level 1

            Hi Bob,


                   Thanks for the quick reply, and no, I don't really have a particular reason to keep the 32 bit o/s, other than a fear of messing up when doing a clean install of the 64 bit. I think that's why I wanted someone elses opinion...I had a sneaking suspicion that I was going about it the wrong way.


                  I guess the next step is just to do fresh backups and figure out how to migrate everything.