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    CS6 Crashes on Project Run

    72Pantera Level 1

      I just signed up to Adobe Cloud and brought over an application written in AS2 on CS3.  I've made and published a few changes which of course saved it as CS6 format.  Now with another small change, I've hit the 32K limit warning.  No problem, I can refactor one large class but the issue is that CS6 crashes every time I run the project. 


      I refactor, try to test, get some compiler warnings, a white runtime screen and a crash.  It's a painful way to work out the 32K boundary limit when I have to restart Flash on every compile.  No way to go back to CS3 (which was rock stable) since my project file is now CS6.  I'm running the latest update to CS6. 


      Where can I go from here?