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    Premiere elements high physical memory usage


      I have premiere elements 11 and am running on Windows Vista.  I have 3 gigabytes of physical memory and an intel core 2 quad processor 32bit.  I have a 45 minute video.  Sometimes I can edit it and most times I can't  It seems that Premiere elements somehow causes the use of physical memory to rise to 70% and if it hangs there I am ok.  Most times it continues up to 80 and 88% at which time I get a message it is running out of physical memory and right after that the message that it has crashed.  I have checked the memory and it passes the tests.  I have raised the  amount of virtual pages and this hasn't helped.  At this point it is still loading the movie segments.  Is there a way to make it less aggressive in its use of physical memory?  Some registery setting?  I believe it tries to keep memory usage high for speed but somehow it is too demanding.  I would get more physical memory but my computer is at its limit.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most out of memory issues are the result of the timeline needing rendered. Switch to Expert View and render your timeline (press Enter) whenever you see yellow lines along the top of the timeline.


          As I show you in my books, you can limit these issues by ensuring that your project settings match your video specs.


          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          What are your project settings, as listed under the Edit menu?


          If you are using photos in your project, ensure that your photos are no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Along with Steve's comments and suggestions, I like to have my Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) set to be statically managed, and set to about 2.5x the amount of physical RAM (for a 32-bit OS). That does several things:


            If set up that way, when the system is new, and the HDD's empty, I get my Page File in the same location at bootup, and at the fastest part of my HDD. Defragmenting that Page File space is simple then.

            I save CPU cycles, as my OS does not need to monitor Page File usage, and expand, or contract it, as needed. I do give up HDD space with a staticly managed Page File (always the same, large size), but then I have plenty of HDD space, so that is not an issue for me.

            The programs have a bunch of Page File space available instantly - the Page File has already been created at startup, so no lag, while the OS calculates the usage.


            On my 32-bit systems, that has worked perfectly.


            One other thing, that might be helpful, but only to a degree, would be to add the full 4GB of RAM (only about 3.5GB can be accessed by the OS and programs), to get just a bit more physical RAM for both the OS and the programs.


            I also turn off all unnecessary programs/processes, when editing.


            Much of the above is covered in this article on Clean, Lean, Mean Editing Machine: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/483270


            Good luck,



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              To add on to what SG has written....


              You wrote

              "I would get more physical memory but my computer is at its limit."


              But you also wrote

              "I have 3 gigabytes of physical memory"


              Is that 3 GB RAM installed or available? If it is installed, then you can take the total installed RAM to 4 GB RAM. A 32 bit system will support maximum installed RAM 4.0 GB of which typically 3 GB or less of that are available. Please excuse if you know all this. I just wanted to make sure of the total RAM in your details.


              Have you tried what is referred to as the 3 GB Switch to gain a virtual memory perk?



              Have you actually gotten any low memory messages from the program yet?


              Another just in case note....your Premiere Elements 11 is a 32 bit application running in your Vista 32 bit system and has the resource limitations of a 32 bit system. However, Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit or Mac 64 bit is a 64 bit application that can take advantage of the 64 bit system resources in order to get your larger projects taken to a successful completion with a higher degree of frequency.


              Your rate of success with what you have now will depend on the formats, size of the project, and the complexity of the edited content.


              I do not believe that your present situation is unique to Premiere Elements 11 under the existing computer environment.


              We will be watching for further developments in your subsequent discussions with SG on this matter.



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                gcp6 Level 1

                More data.  I have 319 clips in the project some .MOV files from a Canon power Shot D10 (for underwater) and some .MTS files from Sony HDR-PJ200 hi def.  No photos in project.


                Project Settings:


                Editing mode HD1080i grayed out

                timebase 29.97 frames/sed  grayed out

                frame size1920 horiz 1080 vert

                pixel aspect ratio square pixels(1.0) grayed out

                fields upper field first grayed out

                display format 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode grayed out

                time safe area 20 % horiz 20

                Action safe area 10 %horiz 10


                sample rate: 48000hz grayed out

                Display format Audio Sample grayed out

                Capture hdv grayed out

                Video Render

                File Format: I-Frame only mpeg grayed out

                Compressor MPEG I-Frame gramed out

                Optimize Stills checked


                Hardware config

                Media Cache is on direct connect hard drive.  Other files on project disk which is connected via USB (see below)


                The hard disks are Western Digital 500 gb disks

                The clips are on a remote Western Digital 1.5 terabyte disk model WD15EADSconnected by USB.


                I am running Vista Service Pack 2


                The virtual memory is custom and spread across the 2 hard drives.  Initial 50 gigs on the C drive and 80 gigs on the K drive.  Max set to 180gigs. 


                When the project starts to load there are 319 clips.  By the time counting down it gets to 275 I get the low system memory message proceed with caution. 


                If I start the task manager and watch memory use I can coax it sometimes into an editable state.  Basically I start a browser or some program to take some memory.  Then I watch the memory usage go up and when it gets to about 75% I kill the browser and it brings the memory down.  Also moving the position on the premiere time line seems to bring the memory use down.  If I can get all the clips read in memory, usage is about 60 to 70% and I can do some editing.  I tried rendering the pieces needing rendering and if I render small sections it renders them.  I then saved the project after each rendering.  However the project usually crashes and none of the rendered pieces seemed to be saved.


                I have developed many projects in the past with earlier versions of Priemere but without the hi def footage.  Just the Canon clips and clips from a different sony camera.  Most of these projects have run over an hour and I never had the physical memory problem.  That is why I am guessing it is either the mixing of the two types of clips or something else in Premiere 11.  I seem to be able to handle projects of 30 minutes just fine with the mixture of clips and Premiere 11.  If I go over that I get the memory problem 


                You are right about the memory.  I currently have two 1 gig memories and 2 512 Meg memories and I could replace the 512s with 1 gigs.  But the Crucial memory analysis program I ran also says 32 bit versions of windows will only recognize 3 gigs or 3.5gigs of memory so I am up against that limit.  I can put in 4gigs but theoretically windows will only handle 3.  I do have access to a 64 bit computer with 4 gigs but Premiere should be able to be less aggressive with ram I would think.  There must be something I am missing.  It's not as if I am trying to do something in real time.  I'm just editing.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the follow up details.


                  I believe that your Premiere Elements 11 1080i workflow as described is limited by the Windows Vista 32 bit computer resources that you described. That is evidenced by the low memory messages that you are getting when your 1080i projects are exceeding 30 minutes. "I'm just editing" et al.


                  I would encourage you to contact Crucial (if that is your source of memory information) to discuss your situation. They are experts on the topic.


                  You appear to have 4 motherboard slots for memory modules. 1 GB in one, 1 GB in the second, 512 MB in the third, and 512 MB in the fourth to give you a total installed RAM of 3 GB. True, one frequently sees that the maximum supported installed RAM for a 32 bit system = 4 GB of which typically 3 GB or less of that are available. But, you do not have 4 GB installed RAM, you have 3 GB installed RAM. So, I would expect that you are working with far less available RAM than you would be if 4 GB RAM were installed. Also, I would question your memory module supplier about this point as well as the "matching modules" aspect of your memory module choices to be at the 4 GB RAM installed level in these 4 motherboard slots.


                  But, when all is said and done, I believe that your gains will be in using Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit or Mac 64 bit. If you have access specifically to Windows 7 or 8 64 bit computer, I would encourage you to install your Premiere Elements 11 on it. Under these specific conditions, Premiere Elements 11 will be a 64 bit application in a 64 bit system and have the 64 bit resources available to it. You are now working with formats that are far more resource  demanding than SD.


                  If you are already aware of all this, then please excuse. I have found that one can do a lot more than expected with limited resources and Premiere Elements. But, there is a limit. I suspect that you have found your in the 30 minute projects.


                  I could go on and on about scratch discs and maintenance to control pile ups of preview files, conformed audio, conformed video and the like. But, I will pause here to let you reflect on what has been written.


                  Thanks for taking the time for the follow up.



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                    gcp6 Level 1

                    ATR Thanks for your thoughts.  Makes me think of the old days where you had to render small parts of your project and then piece meal them together at the end. 


                    I did try a different tact by disabling 2 of the quad processors.  This allowed me to get all the clips loaded at least.  However, then when i was rendering it would get partially through the render and  hang somewhere between 25 and 50%.  You could then cancel the render but render no longer seemed to work correctly.  I'm wondering what version of Premiere Elements started making use of multiple cpus.  Maybe I'll drop back to 1 cpu and see what happens.  I just want to get through this project without having to port my many hours of work to a 64 bit machine.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      A just in case note if you are not familiar with the Premiere Elements Project Archiver.

                      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7d cb.html


                      It may help if and when you need to transfer your projects from computer to computer. The perk of the feature is that it saves to a Folder the project.prel and the project's assets so that you do not run into Media Offline messes in such transfers.


                      We will continue to watch for your progress.



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                        gcp6 Level 1

                        Note.  Using one cpu was not of any help.  The project archiver may be of use.

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                          gcp6 Level 1

                          Update -- I ported the application to the 64 bit computer with 4 gig ram dual core.  Project archiver did not work because it got to 1% and just hung.  I moved the .prel file and all the clips manually.  I was able to create the complete 48 minute project and burn it to disk.  Physical memory requirements ran an average of 76% and much higher at times but I did not get running out of physical memory message. 


                          I still think that if Premiere can determine that physical memory use is high it could do something to lower it.  For example, if I move the slider on the timeline while it is loading clips it lowers the physical memory use enough so it can continue loading instead of crashing.  Thus whatever is done when that happens could be done when they notice high physical memory use.  I should not have to watch memory usage and do it myself.  Could this problem be occuring because they are using Apple Quicktime to handle .mov clips and they don't have enough control over what's happening in that software to stop the crash?

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for the update.


                            In your recent problems, have you always been able to save(regular)/close/reopen the project.prel file involved without issues?


                            With the Project Archiver, did you try the Archive as well as the Copy options. I am assuming that you used the Copy choice which gives you the project.prel and content (content in media which is used or unused) as well as the Timeline content plus. In the case of the Archive choice, you should be getting just the project.prel and the media that went into the Timeline. If you ever need to revisit the project transfer aspects of the troubleshooting, please take a look at the Archive option to determine if that works for you.


                            I will think about your other observations.


                            More later.



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                              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              >running on Windows Vista (and it didn't work)

                              >to the 64 bit computer (and it DID work)


                              My wife's sister doesn't do video, but she had a Dell computer with Vista and CONSTANT problems... she now has a newer Dell with Win8 and ZERO problems


                              One of the things I read about Vista was that it had bad memory management... which may very well be a large part of your (previous) problem

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                                gcp6 Level 1

                                In the recent problems I was rarely able to open the .prel file without problems.  I had to watch the memory usage carefully and when it went high I had to delete some other application like a browser, or move the pointer on the time line.  This would usually bring the memory usage down.  And as I have mentioned every usage ended in a crash of some sort, some with messages and some with hangs.


                                In the Archiver I used the option to just get the media on the time line since I had it pretty well edited and didn't need the rest.  Remember that I could edit up to about 38 minutes with almost no problems.  It was just the last piece that kicked it into problems.  I had an almost similar problem with a previous project.  Actually it was the same project and I had to lop off the last 10 or 15 minutes.  then I started on the second part and had the same trouble and that is when I started looking for a sollution.  My goal is to create one disk with about 1hr or so of video.


                                Just for the record the 64 bit computer is running Vista also. 

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                                  gcp6 Level 1

                                  Well, it's later and here is an update.  I edited a 45 minute project with no problem on the 64 bit machine with 4 gigabytes and 2 processors.  The project was a mixture of hi def and standard.  I then created a standard dvd with menus with no problems.  Next I created an avchd hi def version which went to a computer file.  The file was just over 10gigs although at one point it looked like there were two 10 gig files.  It took about 4 hours and at the end it showed a message saying it was at 99% done with 5 seconds  remaining for about 30 minutes.  I was about giving up hope and was going to cancel the job when it finished.  I thought it was hung.  While creating the file both processors ran at 99% or 100% except for the last 30 minutes or so as they tapered down.  The physical memory pegged at 76% and stayed there virtually the whole time.  That I believe is the way it is supposed to work.  It merged the hi def and standard clips flawlessly, and the hi def came out great.


                                  Now to try creating blu-ray disks of the same project.


                                  I'm still pondering why on the 32bit computer it couldn't hold a safe physical memory limit. Since it can hold 76% memory utilization on the 64bit computer for over 3 hours it seems like it could hold a similar amount on the 32 bit machine.  The limit could be obtained by holding an amount slightly lower than the amount which triggers the "running out of memory message" or it could be an amount set manually in the preferences.  Sure would save a lot of fuss and bother and make the program more useable on more hardware configurations.