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    Time Line

      Hello every body,
      I want to introduce time line in my software. Just like in Windows Media Player user can play movie from anywhere by clicking on anywhere at time line.
      I am doing my project in Direct MX 9 in my project I am using sound channel 1 and my sound sprite is braked when marker is changed. Top of the animation sprites I have text sprite it is also broken as the marker changes rest of the score window is being used for animation. Objects are animated according to the commentary and text.
      I want to introduce time line in this environment, Please advise me how to calculate the total play time of the movie so that it behave just like time line in Windows Media Player or any other player. As my sound sprite consists of more than one sound members it is difficult for me to keep track of sound duration.

      Waiting for reply
      thanks in advance


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          BigDaddy Level 1

          I have used a line/shape sprite of a determined length to tie in to the duration/? property of multimedia types.
          That same concept can be used to move you to different frames of a movie.

          Try that.