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    Photoshop CS4 re install issue


      Hi folks, I recently purchased a pre intel G5 power pc, that came fully loaded with all installation disks copied in various places. (ilife, CS4 suite etc.) I was having issues with my CS4 photoshop recognizing my Epson V300. After a few internet searches I was told that if I uninsall my ps, then reinstall it and located the "goodies" folder I could copy the twain resource and all would be well... so of course I uninstalled using the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium folder that I located in an Adobe Installers folder in my utilities folder. Now if I attempt to re install, it's not on the list of installs. any help out there? much thanks, I don't have the original disks as I purchased this loaded (supposedly with all installation items copied on the secondary drive)


      much thanks