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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Audio issues

    antoinecormier Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      First of all I would like to apologize for my pretty weak english.


      I've been using Premiere CS6 for a while and I've never encountered any major issue that couldn't be fix... until now.


      I'm working on a project that has several audio tracks, I've just finished my editing and I was going to export an aaf/omf for the audio. However when I loaded  my project, everything seemed to be fine, my playback was smooth and working well, all my clips and audio tracks were present in my timeline but there wasn't any audio being played.


      The audio meters don't react, I don't have any effects on my audio tracks, there isn't anything muted and when I click on the audio tracks, the audio waveform is in red and is represented as a line.. Here is a screenshot :

      audio issue 1.JPG


      When I relink to the original audio tracks, It doesn't fix the issue. The only way to make it works is to re import the tracks, and to drag'n'drop them into my timeline. In some way, i'll have to redo ALL the audio work and that's pretty tiresome.. (especially for the audio that is linked to video..)


      The AAF fails (It tells me that It can't export audio clips that are linked to video clips..). OMF export works, it weights 800ish mo but it's empty...


      Thanks in advance to anyone that could save my time on this issue.


      Have a nice day/night to everyone.